Hey all!  

Hey folks,

I just wanted to say Happy Holidays 2020!  It's been kind of crazy but as long as we stay sane, don't believe everything we hear, work to be unified Americans who stop creating divisions, who work and play and think... And study history so we don't repeat.  I need to study and I imagine lots of others do too.

I had a great gig on Wednesday night (12/23) at Rivers Place here in Bend with the lovely and talented Lisa Dae.  It was freezing and yet we were so happy to be out making music with the…

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I had the pleasure of attending the "Gordon Lee Trio" with Kevin Deitz and Ron Steen.  A lovely establishment called Arrivederci hosted this outstanding jazz trio - They were excellent!



Central Oregon Symphony 

I've been attending some rehearsals with the CO Symphony - they are wonderful  - Go Michael Gesme!  The concerts are May 14, 15, 16.



Wow - Kurt Elling 

I went to Seattle a couple of weeks ago and listened to - no, experienced Kurt Elling at Jazz Alley.  He was incredible as well as his band. 

get ready 

One of my heads-up friends let me know I needed to upate this page - So I will.

I'm watching window for UPS to deliver my huge box of CD's - Michelle Van Handel Goodbye Blues CD's.

Other cool news - I'll be playing a fun night of music from the CD at Broken Top Club (for all you fans who are members hope to see you) That is coming up mid April.

Following that is an exciting concert by Mike Strickland - I've been invited to sing a couple of tunes - This  concert is part of the Redmond Concert Series here…

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