Watercolor Music

Watercolor Music is a sound-scape of songs for piano, bass, flute and voice. For added texture and groove a few of the pieces were highlighted with a touch of guitar or light percussion. Steve Prazak's flute sylings are both ethereal and effervescent. Each piece is part of a musical garden, to be enjoyed as a backdrop or with focus. Although this music is instrumental in nature the voice can be heard throughout weaving a tapestry or shading with timbre. There are a variety of styles and tempos, using elements of jazz, classical and contemporary styles. The two lyrical tunes, Watercolor Fantasy and Dreamland, are light acoustic pop. All the songs are inspired from family, are and nature. by this CD at CD Baby CD Baby is a great place to purchase. They are excellent, fast, professional & secure.
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My New CD

My new CD is in progress - It may be one of the most exciting projects I've worked on. A few more songs have to be recorded but you can listen on the music page to a couple of the tracks -- Never Together and Waiting for Love. If you put your name on the mailing list, I'll let you know when it's done! M.